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this beautiful ocean of far-away hearts

one thousand paper cranes for Minekura Kazuya -- an international fan project

Cranes for Minekura
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An international fan project gathering origami cranes to show support for mangaka Minekura Kazuya.
Hello, welcome, and thank you for stopping by!

This community is the home base for an international fan project gathering paper cranes as a show of support for Minekura Kazuya, the mangaka of titles including Saiyuki Reload, Wild Adapter, Stigma, and many more. Minekura-sensei has had many serious health problems in recent years, and has recently undergone major surgery to treat a rare, painful facial bone disorder, ameloblastoma She's spoken many times on her blog about how her condition, and the pain from earlier biopsies, has affected her mood and ability to do her work, and about how the letters and small gifts of support she has received from fans have helped boost her spirits in this difficult time.

Our goal is to gather paper cranes made by Minekura fans around the world, and assemble them into a senbazuru as expressions of our love and best wishes for her health and recovery. We've already collected over 3,400 cranes, and sent the first two finished senbazuru to her</a> in late November to wish her luck for her December surgery. Our next project is a third senbazuru to extend our hopes for her recovery in the new year; if you missed the earlier rounds of collection, new cranes and new participants are very much welcome! Sensei is going to be in for a very long recovery, so we're also discussing options for future projects to show her our love and support throughout the coming new year.

If you have enjoyed any of Minekura-sensei's work, won't you please join us? All you need to do is make at least one origami crane and mail it to the collection address -- this post has all of the details on how to participate. Our dream is to be able to present sensei with not just a simple collection of one thousand cranes, but one thousand cranes made by one thousand individual fans from around the world -- so every new participant and contribution is deeply welcomed!

Anyone who is interested in the project is welcome to post or comment here, even if you're not a member of the community; however, non-member postings will be screened in order to keep out spambots. I will do my best to unscreen everything as promptly as I can, so please be patient if there's a little delay before I can get to your post or comment.

As of 12/31/2010, cranes have flown in from participants in 19 countries...

...3 Canadian provinces...

...and 20 U.S. states.